7710 Insurance Webinars

As part of our commitment to increase safety and decrease claims for policyholders, we have partnered with industry experts to provide important insights on maintaining the health and well-being of first responders. Join us live-online by registering using the links below.

Speakers: Daniel DeGryse and Captain Frank Leto

Daniel DeGryse. BA, BS, CADC, CFO, Ret. 2019 Battalion Chief, Chicago Fire Department, Director, Rosecrance Florian Program.

Captain Frank Leto. FDNY Veteran, Deputy Director of its Counseling Service Unit (CSU).

Mental/Physical Wellness for First Responders

Two Day Webinar: 10/19/20 (Mon.) and 10/20/20 (Tue.) •  8:00 AM – 1:00PM EST

Every day, first responders are vigilant and almost mechanical in their actions when responding and attending to emergency situations. Demonstrating true resiliency, first responders continually move forward, despite how they are taxed physically and mentally. How they process these events, however, is commonly overlooked. This webinar will present insights into various mental and physical health concerns that impact first responder well-being, examine the impact of the pandemic and offer some direction and resources for addressing needs.

Speaker: Aaron Zamzow

Aaron Zamzow. Certified personal trainer and fitness presenter for more than 20 years, 15 years of firefighting experience.

Functional Fitness: The Miracle Cure for Emergency Service Professionals?

10/21/20 (Wed.) • 9:00 AM – 12:00PM EST

Aaron Zamzow from Fire Rescue Fitness will talk about all the positive results a functional fitness program can bring to firefighters, EMTs and medics – including improved performance, injury reduction, improved immunity, stress and mental health management and PTSD treatment. This session will cover workout plans specifically geared to emergency rescue athletes emphasizing warm-up, mobility, full body and cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition fundamentals, recovery exercises, fitness SOGs and fitness equipment. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a Q and A and discuss fitness trends in emergency services.

Speaker: Dr. Annmarie Chizewski

Dr. Annmarie Chizewski. Kinesiology PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, tenure track assistant professor at Benedictine University.

Fitness Fights Fires: Examining the Relationship Between Physical Fitness and Firefighting Ability

10/21/20 (Wed.) • 3:00 PM – 5:00PM EST

The physical demands of firefighting are evident, and a high level of physical fitness is required to perform the job safely. Unfortunately, the majority of firefighters remain unfit for duty. In this session we will investigate the relationship between physical fitness (i.e. cardiovascular and muscular endurance) and performance on the fire ground as well as the role of regular exercise in preventing/attenuating multiple health risks.

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