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7710 Insurance & Rebound: A Proven Partnership to Optimize Healing From Injury

A Results Driven Supplement to Fire District & EMS Agency Workers Compensation Programs

Since 2019, 7710 Insurance has partnered with Rebound to achieve a common goal; to help Fire Department personnel and other EMS professionals heal from injuries as soon as possible, so they can get back to work and their lives as quickly as possible.

Rebound was founded upon the principle of applying both the sense of urgency and rehab strategies of sports medicine to first responders involved in a work related injury.

With a background in both college level and professional sports, the founders of Rebound believed that if athletes could get diagnosed and treated for injuries quickly, so should the people who put their lives on the line for us every day.

Through this special partnership, 7710 Insurance can offer our Fire District and EMS Workers Compensation clients the many services that Rebound offers, including:

  • Appointments with Specialists within 24 hours
  • Expedited Testing & Injury Evaluation
  • 72 Hour Diagnosis Reporting
  • Priority Access to Expert Treatment Providers
  • Advocacy and Support

7710 Insurance will work seamlessly with Rebound’s exclusive network of specialty providers to get your Fire Fighters and EMS personnel back on the job and healthy again quickly.

How it Works    

Rebound is not a substitute or replacement for your Workers Compensation policy with 7710 Insurance. A Fire Protection District or EMS agency that is interested in Rebound’s services would enter into an independent contract with them for an additional fee.

These fees would be in addition to the underlying workers comp coverage premium and great service already provided by 7710 Insurance.  Another great benefit to the Rebound program is that unlike worker’s comp insurance that only protects active fire district and EMS employees for work related injuries, the services of Rebound are available to all employees, even retired, as well as their spouses and families.

A Winning Combination for Fire Districts and EMS Agencies 

The exciting partnership between 7710 Insurance and Rebound provides our Fire Districts and EMS  clients with an opportunity to enhance their efforts to get people who are injured treated and healthy again as soon as possible.

If you would like more information about how Rebound can benefit first responder employees and their families, contact us today.