Which safety equipment and programs will 7710 Insurance require before writing a policy?


A Modified Duty Return-to-Work program is an important commitment to overall employee productivity and an indication of structured planning which allows 7710 to most comfortably assume the risk of writing a station’s workers compensation policy.

The benefits of a Modified Duty Return-to-Work program – to both the station and the injured employee – far outweigh any negatives. There are cost savings that accompany the program (lower medical bills/claims expenses, reduced indemnity costs, less long term disability) and a lowered experience modifier which will ultimately keep your district’s premiums lower. Additionally, this kind of program increases productivity and is a morale and skills booster, all of which benefit the injured worker and the station.

We offer a Modified Duty Introduction Packet and a Modified Duty Implementation Packet to help construct and jumpstart a modified duty program at your district.