How does 7710 Insurance compare to other carriers?


7710 is creating cost-impacting private competition and the industry support for fire districts that has been missing for too long.

Because of our focus and national exposure, we have accumulated significant data on workers’ compensation for first responders. We are using this data to better underwrite and price risks. We use our SHIELD (loss control and fitness program) to reduce claims and save our customers money.

Note, if your district or company is part of a state fund you are pooled together with districts that might not have the same safety commitment and record as yours. This could cause your premium to rise to cover their issues. If your department or company is part of a self-insured trust, you have no protection by the state guarantee fund. When you are with 7710, a private carrier, you will be in a highly-vetted group of fire districts and ambulance companies with a high level of performance and deservedly lower premiums.