Workers Comp for Missouri First Responders

7710 Insurance is a specialty workers’ compensation insurance company, exclusively serving fire and EMS agencies.

Our workers’ compensation for first responders in Missouri is designed to ensure firefighters and emergency medical professionals have the security of medical benefits and income replacement, should they get injured during the course of their employment.

Tailored to meet the needs of those putting their lives at risk to protect others, our workers’ compensation insurance is supported by our unmatched experience, insight into the world of emergency services and unparalleled knowledge of insurance. 7710 Insurance offers a superior solution to much-needed workers compensation insurance for first responders. Our entire focus is meeting the needs of fire and emergency services agencies looking for a solution to protect their teams.


Workers’ Comp Insurance for Firefighters in Missouri

Our workers’ compensation insurance for first responders was designed by firefighters for firefighters. We are familiar with the day-to-day experience of life in the Missouri fire service and EMS. We have lived through and truly understand the risks associated, including the possibility of physical injury and mental duress.

We are here to provide workers’ comp insurance for firefighters in Missouri. Our plans are designed to protect firefighters and the agencies for whom they work. Our specialized risk control and cost containment strategies are designed to keep firefighters safe, and enable efficient treatment and claims when injuries do occur.


Workers’ Comp Insurance for EMS Agencies in Missouri

For EMS agencies across Missouri, our specialty workers’ comp insurance for EMS is designed exclusively to meet the needs of first responders and protect each invaluable team.

With vast experience in the field, we understand the emergency services way of life and can help prevent injury and claims with risk management strategies designed by former first responders.

We prioritize prevention, proactively working to reduce the risk of injury and ensuring that claims are dealt with efficiently. Our workers comp insurance for EMS is designed to protect EMTs, paramedics and the agencies they serve across Missouri.


Risk Management Program

As part of an integrated service approach, 7710 Insurance provides a knowledgeable Risk Control team to assist first responders in Missouri with  their risk management challenges,  in order to help reduce exposure, losses and claims. These complimentary services are aligned with national guidelines and include:

  • Loss prevention evaluations, training and resources
  • Organizational safety, culture and leadership solutions
  • Claim Root Cause Analysis
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • Ergonomic Problem Solving
  • Return-to-Work/Light-Duty program implementation;
  • Behavioral health and wellness services
  • Detailed first responder fitness programs

Our goal is to minimize risk, for the benefit of fire and EMS agencies and the first responders serving Missouri.


Why 7710 Insurance?

7710 Insurance can offer the most comprehensive solution to workers’ compensation for first responders in Missouri and beyond. Our specialist knowledge and unparalleled experience are our greatest assets. We are here to minimize risk and resolve claims with an in-depth understanding of the circumstances surrounding each incident.

Choose 7710 Insurance for exceptional workers’ compensation for first responders in Missouri, designed to protect those who choose to come to our aid when we need them the most. To learn more, contact 7710 Insurance today.


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Friendly and proactive services for workers’ compensation claims, Benchmark Administrators is the in-house claims service for 7710 Insurance. If you need more information or need to file a claim, please call 312-216-2800.

*7710 Insurance Co. administers the Workers’ Compensation program on behalf of Benchmark Insurance Co. in some states.